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About Us

La Fruta Food Industries was incorporated in 2017 to manufacture and supply premium tropical fruits ingredients for the food service industry. Decades ago, tropical fruit ingredients were not accessible, hence quality products with tropical fruits are far and few between. The limited demand, coupled with the limited choices of available tropical fruits directly hampered the innovation of new or exciting tropical fruit products.

Thanks to globalisation, the rise in tourism in South East Asia has directly correlated with massive exposure in popular tropical fruits like mango, pineapple, durian, lychee, rambutan and mangosteen. The wonderful flavours of tropical fruits are unforgettable and have directly resulted in a boom in demand for better quality tropical fruit products in the market.

Fruttosé allows you to relive such experiences by creating products that are made as close as possible with fresh fruits. This is done by preserving the real tropical fruits in our production process. The best variety of each fruit was selected by Fruttosé after years of R&D and are sourced from the farms across South East Asia. Most importantly, the chosen fruits by Fruttosé are minimally processed to maximise and maintain the best fruit texture and natural flavours of the fruit.

Our Mission

– To develop a new range of tropical flavours that are popular

– To maintain the production of quality products, keeping the product as natural as possible

– To maintain the highest food safety requirements and guidelines

Our Vision

– To specialise in R&D and manufacturing of the best tropical fruit products in the market

– To be leading the innovation of exciting new tropical fruit products

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