Keeping Fruits Real Tropical Fruit Filling

Keeping Fruits 
Tropical Fruit 

About Fruttosé

Thanks to globalisation, the rise in tourism in South East Asia has directly correlated with massive exposure in popular tropical fruits like mango, pineapple, durian, lychee, rambutan and mangosteen. The wonderful flavours of tropical fruits are unforgettable and have directly resulted in a boom in demand for better quality tropical fruit products in the market.

Fruttosé allows you to relive such experiences by creating products that are made as close as possible with fresh fruits.

Why Fruttosé ?

Fruttosé understands that fresh fruits are not always a viable solution in the kitchen because fruits are sensitive when exposed to air. This is where Fruttosé products shine. Our tropical fruit products are made to not only last longer but taste better through the generous use of authentic tropical fruits.

Bake Stable

High Fruit Content

Mouthful of Real Fruits

Full-Bodied Flavour and
Texture of Fruits

Ready to Use

Specialize in Tropical Flavour

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