@aimifoodgram recently baked a wonderful cheese cake using Fruttose blueberry fruit filling and we spoke to her!

What inspired you to do create this no-bake cheese cake?

Cheesecakes are my husband’s favorite! By having cheesecake in a jar, it’s very convenient for us to enjoy it. It looks really nice too – the layering of the ingredients makes it looks so inviting. Makes us feel good eating it too! Can you see Fruttose blueberry fruit filling in there? 

When did your passion for cooking start?

Since I was in primary school, I enjoyed learning and watching how my mother cooked for our family. When my dad went for groceries he always brought me along and taught me each and every ingredient at the market. I started baking when I was in secondary school. I enjoyed helping my mother make meals for our tea time and watched a lot of videos on cooking skills and techniques.

What do you think about Fruttose fruit filling and toppings compared to others?

At first bite, I fell in love with its high quality-flavour and its fruity smell. Topnotch! Its fruit texture was really pleasing to my palate. Kudos to FRUTTOSE R&D team!


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