We talk to Azah Kumiko, who made a wonderful Mango Sponge Cake using Fruttose Mango!


1. What or who inspired you to start cooking?

What inspired me to start cooking & baking was my solo travelling before Covid 19. In every country I visited alone, I went to aesthetic cafes, bakeries & groceries. I love how dessert looks like a piece of art, how coffee tastes during winter. When I started working from home, I spent more time in the kitchen. I feel the journey in making food is an adventure.



2.  What inspired you to make this? Why did you pick Fruttose Mango?

So this is a mango sponge cake. It’s 4 inches and has 4 layers of mango filling. For the sponge cake, I’m using only 5 ingredients which I baked at 170 degrees for 40 minutes. I’m using non-dairy whipping cream. For the fruit filling, I’m using Fruttose mango filling. This mango filling from Fruttose has a thick texture & it has chunks! So, it’s really convenient to have a ready-made mango filling in the kitchen, I just saved time, right? Plus, the taste is delicious! And the last touch on this mango cake – I glazed it with mango glaze I made with this mango filling.



3. Who inspired this recipe?

I’m actually a fan of mango and I bake a lot of desserts using mango such as mango sago, mango cheesecake & mango burnt cheesecake. For drinks, mango matcha latte is my ultimate favourite!

Looking to buy Fruttose fruit filling? Go to OUR DEALER at the CONTACT US page now! Recipe by @azahkumiko