Today we talk to @sofeakarim who baked this fantabulous Blueberry Cobbler!


What or who inspired you to start cooking?

1. My mother inspired me to start cooking. We had 7 siblings and I saw mom struggle handling everything like taking care of the house, family, working and at the same time had to take care of us. Mom taught me how to cook when I was 7. I started cooking on my own when I was 9 years old. At that time, my mom was on maternity leave and I decided to help her with housework.


What do you think of Fruttose?

When I’m focusing on less sugar intake, it can be hard to find the perfect dessert to satisfy my sweet tooth. This blueberry cobbler is a great option to have on hand when that sweet craving kicks in. Based on this ingredient list, this is a great recipe to keep in your collection for a short-notice, quick dessert option. Most of these ingredients are pantry and fridge staples.


What I love about Fruttose:

✅less sugar

✅good packaging

✅easy to spread

✅real blueberry flavour (less starch / not too gummy)




Who inspired this menu?

3. My husband always inspires me when comes to desserts because he has a sweet tooth. 

Looking to buy Fruttose fruit filling? Go to OUR DEALER at the CONTACT US page now! Recipe by @sofeakarim