Unsalted Butter 50g

High Protein Flour 75g 

Salt 5g

Full Cream Milk 50g 

Water 50g 

Egg 115



  1. Add unsalted butter, salt, full cream milk and water in a medium pot.

  2. Bring it to boil.

  3. Throw in all the high protein flour all at once.

  4. Turn off the heat.

  5. Stir it using a wooden spoon vigorously.

  6. Stir it until it forms a “ball” and does not stick to the pan anymore.

  7. Remove the dough and place in a mixing bowl.

  8. Beat it at medium speed to remove excessive steam and cool it down slightly to 60°C.

  9. In a separate bowl, crack the egg and beat it slightly.

  10. Add in the beaten egg bit by bit and checking the pate choux consistency. It should form a thick lava like and forms ‘V’ drops.

  11. Transfer the pate choux into a piping bag, fitted with a medium size star/churros nozzle.

  12. Pipe it uniformly on a baking tray lined with a perforate Silpat.

  13. Bake it in a preheated oven at 215°C (top) 200°C (bottom) for 18mins +-.

  14. DO NOT open the oven until it is completely baked.

  15. Cool it on a cooling rack before filling it.

  16. Fill it with the fillings as desire.

  17. Serve immediately or chill it.


Instant Custard Mix 50g

Milk / Water 100g

Fruttose Blueberry 200g



  1. Mix all in a deep mixing bowl

  2. Emulsify it using a stick blender

  3. Cover it and set aside



Blueberry Pastry Cream 350g

Dairy Whipping Cream 200g

Topping Cream



  1. Using whisk attachment, beat the blueberry pastry cream until creamy

  2. While the mixer is ruuning on medium speed, slowly add in dairy

    whipping cream / topping cream in a continuous flow

  3. Once all the whipping cream / topping cream added in, whisk it to form a

    stiff peak at high speed

  4. Cover & refrigerate it until it is ready to be use

  5. Scoop some of the cream into a piping bag, its ready to fill your pate

    choux as you desire.

Untuk resipi-resipi, sila layar laman . Resipi dari Adam Shafiq.