Every Household Has A Can Of Fruttose Now, But How Did It All Get Started?

How The Blueberry Revolution Began In Malaysia

You might not have noticed, but a revolution has been quietly brewing that will forever change how blueberries are seen and consumed in Malaysia. The last time you tried a pastry filled with blueberry filling, did you notice anything different? There’s a possibility you might realize that many pastries out there actually have REAL FRUITS in the fruit filing!

Let us tell you how that happened. 

Our Love For Blueberry Pies Spark The First Step

Blueberry pies have a special place in our heart. Nothing is more satisfying than a bite of that buttery crust wrapped around juicy blueberries. It soothes the soul and puts a smile on our faces, no matter how old we are.


However, having searched all over for good old blueberry fruit filling, we came to a surprising conclusion: there are none. All we could find are commercialized repackaged blueberry filling that is stale and unimaginative, packed in plastic containers – further degrading what is supposed to pastry-lovers’ favourite fruit filling!

The Journey Of A Thousand Miles

They say when it comes to starting a business, sell what you yourself would buy. With this in mind, we took a year off our lives to solve the problem. We sourced blueberries and tasted them one by one; we tried various production methods (and failed!); we experimented with different shelf lives – all with the aim of making the best blueberry pie filling you’ve ever tasted.


It was a long but fruitful journey. There were ups and downs, there were tear and joys, but all that was worth it when we saw our trial customers smile when they sank their teeth into our blueberry fruit filling samples. That was the moment we knew we were on to something.


It was a small and humble dream, but an important one. Soon, we found our niche and perfected our recipe. The result? The Fruttose Blueberry Pie Filling & Topping 595g – a can of gastronomical delight that will satisfy even the most hardened critic.


On that day, Fruttose was born.

The Proof Is In The Tasting

Each day, we ask ourselves the most basic question: what makes a good blueberry fruit filling? When it touches your tongue, you should be able to bite into real blueberries. This soon became our benchmark, and from there onwards, we became the first manufacturer in the country to be blending real blueberries and putting them into a can.


Our customers have even found their own creative ways of enjoying our product. They used it as a topping for BEVERAGES, blended it into a smoothie or DESSERT, mixed it with YOGURT, spread it over WAFFLES or as a SPREAD over toast, besides using it as a FILLING for pastries.


They Thought We Were A Premium European Brand

A good brand is not what we say about ourselves. A good brand is what others say about us. So we took note of what our customers say about us and we’re more than flattered with the feedback we received.


“Best blueberry fruit filling!”

“Can rival any European brands!”

“Are you sure you’re a Malaysian brand?”


But at the end of the day, best compliment our customers can give us is the smile on their faces when they first tasted our blueberry fruit filling.

“Made In Malaysia For The World!”

Nobody could believe Fruttose is made in Malaysia. We were up against larger European brands that dominate the market, but we believe in one thing: if we keep focusing on quality products, we know the market will eventually find its way to our products. Yes, Malaysia may not be known for our blueberry fruit fillings, but we’re at a tipping point. We know one day, our products will make a dent in the global market.


That day is near.


As we continue to build this Malaysian brand, we are constantly challenging ourselves and raising the bar, as we continue to fulfil our mission: to put a smile on your face when you bite into what could possibly be the best blueberry fruit filling you’ve ever tasted.


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