Blueberry Cheese Cake Crumble Bar recipe

Today, we feature a really talented cook @cookby_ain. Would you believe it if we tell you she used to be afraid to touch a chicken. But today, @cookby_ain (or her real name Ain Aziz), is whipping up a storm on her Instagram with her really creative videos and innovative recipes. Did you know this talented lass is a photographer too, having studied art and design?

1. What inspired you make this recipe?

I was inspired by the colours of the blueberry filing – it was so thick and beautiful. Once I imagined it with cream cheese, I was confident it would make a good recipe! 

2. How did your passion for cooking start? 

From my dad and mum. My dad was my biggest fan and critic while my mum was the most patient teacher in the world! She was patient with me, even though I was hesitant to even step into the kitchen!

3. What do you love most about Fruttose? 

For sure it is because of the high real-fruit content. Its consistency is really thick and if you taste the fruits, you’re tasting real fruits! It’s like eating blueberry candy.

Check out @cookby_ain at Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and TikTok.

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