These days our hands are constantly typing on our laptop or on our phone. By constantly looking at our screens, we’re more stressed than ever!

Here at Fruttose, we have a new way of using our hands – BAKING!

There is something very quiet and reflective about baking. The turning, the pushing, the folding, turning a chunk of watery flour into a ball of dough. The process is calming and helps us focus on the present.

Here are 4 ways baking releases stress.


As you knead, your breathing syncs with your hand movements. Every push and fold, you breathe in and out. There is a calming rhythm as you knead your dough on the table. We all know how important it is to breathe, but when we are too preoccupied with our daily chores, running from tasks to task, it is important to just quiet down and take a deep breath.


How does a cracked egg sound like? How does a dough feel like? How does a can of newly opened Fruttose fruit jam smell like? How does snow powder sound like when it lands on your buns? When you bake, your senses are heightened and you’re aware of the sights and sounds of what you’re engaged in.


These days, we are all preoccupied with our own lives and and our social media. What better way to connect with our loved one than with baking? Baking involves team work, splitting of jobs and responsibilities and each person works on their part to make the entire baking session successful. Not to mention, it’s loads of fun too!


There is something about finishing your masterpiece that gives you so much joy. Perhaps it is about successfully completing the task. Perhaps it is in admiring your craft. Perhaps it is about laughing at all the mistakes and blunders. Baking puts a smile on your face and that joy lasts for the entire day.


At Fruttose, we’re all about bring joy to the table. We believe baking has a wonderful way of helping us destress. That is why we’ve made some of the most delicious fruit jams you’ve ever tasted. When you open a can of Fruttose, you’ll be struck by one wonderful thing: REAL FRUITS!!

So head over to FRUTTOSE and find your favourite fruit jam to incorporate into your baking!

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